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In the coming weeks, we'll support email/text/twitter submissions for award nominations. In addition, we'll make a storage area so you can just send the link to your friends and let them see it for themselves! Of course, that's gonna require some lazy-assed programmer to get off his but and actually code some drupal, but for now, here's what we have....

This website was put together to provide a quick and easy way to send an online "Thank you" to someone (or their boss) for doing a good job, for going above and beyond or just being reasonable in an increasingly unreasonable world. The inspiration of this website came from countless small acts of kindness the programmer encountered while travelling across the country (and back, and forth, and...)

So, to all the flight attendants, airport gate staff, late night waiters/waitresses, hotel desk clerks, random people on the street and for the person that holds the elevator while the rest of the people inside grumble, "Thanks, you deserve a karma award!"